Enval S.A. is a private company founded in 1989, in Quart de Poblet by José María Planells Cervera. The main activity of Enval is designing and manufacturing aluminium containers and its corresponding lids, suitable to contain several food types, to serve national and international markets.

The company Enval S.A. from its creation in 1989 has been gradually increasing the
number of production lines. Due to this, Enval has a great flexibility and capacity of production at the time of making any type of container that our customers suggest to us.

In 1997 Enval is transferred to its new facilities in Torrent, where equipment of artificial vision starts up, for controlling in line the 100% of the production, providing the company with a great rapidity to solve any possible defect that could arise in the production.

Our objective is to be in the customer preference by overcoming constantly the quality of our products and services and staying in the vanguard of leading-edge technology.
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